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A versatile shoring solution designed to horizontally brace trenches for the safe installation of utilities in excavations up to 2000mm deep with widths from 650mm to 1450mm. Frames can be installed continuously for an infinite trench length. The system offers clearance between struts on plan of up to 1800mm to allow access. Subject to design, the clearance below the bottom frame can be up to 600mm to allow services to pass beneath.

Designed to withstand a maximum safe working load of 16.5kN/m²,for use in made ground such as soft cohesive and loose granular fill which is generally self-supporting in the short term and where no ground water is present. Use in problematic ground such as very soft clays and silt or peat is not recommended.

The lightweight equipment can be rapidly assembled by hand where access is limited, without the need for an excavator. The hydraulic struts allow the full process to be achieved safely without the requirement for operatives to enter an unsupported trench. ENDSAFE struts are available to close off the ends of a trench providing extra protection from loose materials falling into the excavation.


Waler Lengths :- 1600mm / 2100mm
Sheet Lengths :- 1500mm / 2000mm
System SWL :- 16.5kN/m2 (based on hydraulic jack and soil arching theory)
Sheet Weight:- 3.34kg per metre
Waler Weight :- 3.85kg per metre
Strut Spec :- 2” aluminium, single acting hydraulic rams
Strut SWL :- 60kN
Strut Range and Weight :- 560 – 910mm stroke, 5.7kg (empty) 860 – 1400mm stroke, 10kg (empty)
Max Trench Height :- 2000mm
Trench Width :- Range 650mm to 1450mm
Sheet Width :- 500mm
Under Strut Clearance :- Max. 600mm Manufacture UK manufactured from pultruded GRP to BS EN 13706
Safety Features:- Electrically non-conductive and fire retardant to ASTM E84 Class 1
Ancillaries :- Handrailing, GRP ladders, Lightweight 10 litre bucket pump, slings, hydraulic release tools / lifting chains