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Grp Lightweight Shoring for Excavations

Welcome to HR Fibreglass

Welcome to HR Fibreglass, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of GRP gratings, platforms, drainage covers and GRP flooring.Commonly referred to as GRP or FRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic or Fibre Reinforced Plastic), we have developed advanced techniques in the use of composite materials that allow us to produce sophisticated mouldings suitable for a wide variety of applications.

With years of experience and enviable levels of expertise, we’re able to offer a large selection of GRP flooring and GRP gratings options. Unlike steel which has to be made exactly to order before installation, the advantages of composite materials such as glass reinforced plastic mean you can cut our GRP gratings to the precise size and shape while on site as you need it.

GRP gratings are approximately half the weight of steel and so will not require the same superstructure to support them, saving time, materials and cost – without compromising on load-bearing capabilities.

GRP flooring is becoming increasingly used in food, water and waste industries due in part to cost, but also in the fact that GRP flooring can be used as an anti-slip surface for walkways, production areas and stairwells too. Boasting incredible bi-directional strength and an impressive resistance to both chemical and corrosive environments, our continued development of composite materials has seen a rapid take-up by many of our customers.

With the addition of carbon and silicon grit to the top surface of our glass reinforced plastic, our GRP flooring and GRP gratings take on an extremely hard-wearing anti-slip surface that’s suitable for a wide range of locations – from public areas susceptible to water, like golf courses or swimming pools, to industrial applications such as dairies or food processing plants.

With no maintenance necessary, glass reinforced plastic products like our GRP flooring and GRP gratings, manhole covers and hand lay-up projects, are ideally suited to even the harshest working environments.

Visit our ‘Contact’ page today and we’ll be happy to outline the benefits of glass reinforced plastic for your organization.